It’s important to be humble and not boastfu






Once in a small village nestled amidst lush green fields, there lived a young man named David. David was known throughout the village for his exceptional skills in farming. He could cultivate the most bountiful crops and his produce was always of the highest quality.

Despite his talents, David remained humble and never boasted about his achievements. He believed in the value of hard work and dedication rather than seeking attention or praise. He would often lend a helping hand to his neighbors without expecting anything in return.

One year, the village decided to hold a competition to determine who could grow the largest pumpkin. David’s friends and neighbors encouraged him to enter, knowing his prowess in farming. However, David hesitated, feeling uncomfortable with the idea of competing and drawing attention to himself.

Eventually, David reluctantly agreed to participate but made it clear that he was doing so for the fun of it rather than for any personal glory. He diligently tended to his pumpkin patch, providing it with just the right amount of water, sunlight, and care.

When the day of the competition arrived, David’s pumpkin stood out among the rest. It was not only the largest but also the most perfectly shaped and vibrant in color. Despite his victory, David remained humble, graciously thanking his neighbors and acknowledging the efforts of the other contestants.

His humility and modesty endeared him even more to the villagers, who admired him not only for his farming skills but also for his humble demeanor. David’s approach to life served as a reminder to everyone in the village of the importance of humility and not being boastful, no matter how talented or successful one may be.

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