The Selfish Giant and the Kind Children”






Once upon a time in a small village nestled in the countryside, there lived a mischievous young boy named Tom. Tom lived with his parents and spent most of his days playing in the fields and forests surrounding the village.

One day, while Tom was out exploring, he stumbled upon a tiger cub that had wandered away from its mother. Excited by the discovery, Tom decided to play a prank on the villagers. He ran back to the village shouting, “Tiger! Tiger! A ferocious tiger is loose in the village!”

Hearing Tom’s cries, the villagers panicked and rushed to their homes, locking their doors and windows in fear. The village was thrown into chaos as everyone scrambled to find safety from the supposed tiger.

However, when the villagers finally gathered the courage to venture outside and confront the tiger, they were surprised to find only a harmless tiger cub playing innocently in the fields.

Tom laughed at his prank, finding amusement in the chaos he had caused. But the villagers were not amused. They scolded Tom for his irresponsible behavior and warned him about the dangers of spreading false alarms.

Tom promised to be more careful in the future and apologized to the villagers for causing unnecessary panic. However, his mischief did not stop there.

A few days later, Tom spotted a real tiger lurking near the village outskirts. This time, when he ran back to the village shouting, “Tiger! Tiger! A ferocious tiger is loose in the village!” the villagers did not believe him.

Thinking it was just another prank, the villagers ignored Tom’s warnings and continued with their daily activities. Unfortunately, they soon realized their mistake when the tiger attacked their livestock and caused chaos in the village.

The villagers learned a valuable lesson from Tom’s pranks. They realized the importance of taking every warning seriously and not dismissing them as mere pranks. From that day forward, they were more vigilant and cautious, ensuring the safety of their village from real threats.

And as for Tom, he learned that playing pranks and spreading false alarms can have serious consequences. He promised to be more responsible and truthful in the future, understanding that his actions could impact the safety and well-being of others.

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